Creating a Welcoming Home
Creating a Welcoming Home

Creating a Welcoming Home

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Gain the confidence you need to welcome others into your home in just 10 days! 

This complete 10-day challenge is the perfect way to create a welcoming home. From start to finish, this book will walk you through what is necessary, what's not, and how to get started living a life of welcome TODAY. Don't wait to begin fight isolation and loneliness and cultivating your community! The daily content  will give you all the tools you need to confidently host and the questions will guide you through how to apply what you are learning.

But that's not all! The resources are AMAZING! Never wonder again how much food to make for a gathering or what to do in a small space.  

What you get: 

* 80+ page guided workbook filled with resources! 

*10 days of challenge content, inspiration, & guided questions to help you apply what you are learning

* Cheatsheet so you never wonder how much food to make 

* Ideas for apartment and small house hosting 

* Prayer lists

* Hospitality schedule 

* Aids for overcoming digital distraction

* Tool to keep track of who you plan to host 

* Quarterly assessment tools so you can stay encouraged 

* 3 beautiful pieces of inspirational decor